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At the MITEX 2018, were held meetings with important partners and suppliers from Russia and China

TM MOSTPOWER, trademark certificate No. 671084 dated October 05, 2018, is registered.

Reorganization of the company in the form of transformation from JSC to LLC

Novelty in the range - devices for welding of polypropylene pipes

The range of chainsaws has been enriched

The model range is supplemented by models MOSTPOWER SB 5.5AR, MOSTPOWER SB 6.5AR, MOSTPOWERSB 6.5ВR

Decision on participation in the MITEX-2018 exhibition together with RODEO

AGMS - the annual general meeting of the shareholders and partners RAPTC - Russian Association of Power Tools Companies 


Cooperation with DiStar, the manufacturer of professional diamond discs and process equipment

Electric power chain saws MOST garden took their place on the shelves of hardware stores.

New range of oils MOST power of original quality at a budget price

The range of MOST garden tillers increased up to 4 models

During the exhibition, the MOCT-group has signed an exclusive contract with RODEO

Completed the development of a new line of trimmers, cord for mowing grass, knives, coils for the season 2018.

Own production of attachments for tillers increases its range to 65 products.

Expanding the range of electric heaters MOST PRO HE-2BGC, HE-3BGC with a ceramic heating element, a round case, 197 - 280 m3/h, with a capacity of 2 - 3 kW.

17 July 2017 a conference was held to exchange experience of Partners RАРТС (Russian Association of Power Tools Companies).

The new winter range of snow machines MOST 5 types from 6 to 11 HP.

Extension of the product range of a ladder (hinged, transformers), the dryer (10 species), ironing board (more than 15 species).

Production of generators under the MOST POWER brand is started. In a new line generators with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines with various volume and power are presented.

In a garden line of the company the model of the MOST GARDEN motor cultivator has appeared. The reliable motor-block with the petrol 4-stroke engine is capable to perform a wide range of agricultural works.

In February, 2017 the release of advanced models of the petrol MOST GARDEN trimmers of a SERIES - T has begun. Have appeared new modifications of MOST HOME - BC54CHT, BC56CHT. View in catalog

February 7, 2017 in Moscow took place the Annual General Meeting of shareholders and partners of MOCT-GROUP JSC. Results of work of 2016 are recognized as satisfactory.

Sales of garden greenhouses and the hinged equipment for self-produced motor-blocks started. Capacities of production are loaded into three changes thanks to a large number of orders at the beginning of a garden season.

Significant expansion of the MOST GARDEN range of accessories for trimmers. In the range there was a trimmer line in the form: twist square, hexagon, heptagon.

MOCT-GROUP expands the commodity matrix with GLANZEN searchlights from the Russian producer of the low-voltage electrotechnical equipment.

The MITEH-2016 exhibition gave a new impetus in development of Association of the MOCT-GRUPP Distribution Companies in the market of the construction tool and equipment of the Russian Federation.

MOCT-GROUP expands the commodity matrix with stabilizers and the UPS from the Russian producer of the low-voltage electrotechnical equipment RUCELF.

The company GEOTOTAL producer of the laser measuring tool and MOCT-GROUP signed the agreement on strategic partnership.

MOCT-group is expanding its range of aluminum and steel ladders, multi-section stairs. The main new product of the season is a ladder-transformer MOST stairs produced in Russia.

6 September in the city of Mogilev in the manufacture of RUCHEEK pumps took place a meeting of the Russian distributors of this brand.

Adding to the assortment of oils and lubricants. The product range of oils for 4-stroke engines appeared products known manufacturer BRIGGS & STRATTON.

MOCT-group starts production of electric boilers under the brand MOST at the plant in Miass, Chelyabinsk region.

July 18-19, Moscow hosted the annual General meeting of the Partners and Shareholders of MOCT-group.

The new items of the range of accessories for chainsaws. According to the new accessories we increase the functionality of MOST garden.

MOCT-group starts production of heaters under the brand MOST PRO. Manufacturer Beloretsk plant of heating equipment (Russian Federation).

The General meeting of shareholders of MOCT-group accepted the decision on placing of additional issue of ordinary registered shares in 2016.

Famous Chinese manufacturer of automotive, construction and power equipment LIFAN and MOCT-group agreed to supply to Russia 4-stroke engines from 3 to 6.5 horsepower for walking tractors and cultivators.

The Board of Directors of MOCT-group decided on the arranging  of a Central distribution warehouse for more suitable logistics.

Expanding the assortment of the most popular equipment for construction and outdoor work, MOCT-group association placed an order for the production in Russia of wheelbarrow  garden and construction.

MOCT-group is constantly working on the improvement of models of goods produced. In March 2016, the Association brought to market a new position in the line of gasoline trimmers model MOST home BC 43СН.

In the assortment of the MOCT-group added new items: extension cords household, garden, frames and coils.

MOCT-group has started the manufacturing of concrete mixers under its own brand MOST PRO.

The company OLSA Mogilev and the Association of regional wholesale companies MOCT-group signed the agreement on strategic partnership in 2016 for the distribution in Russia of household electric pumps RUCHEEK.

The assortment of garden equipment got trimmer head MOST garden model VT-10 (production of Russian Federation), M10x1,25 mm thread left.

The MOCT-group JSC has signed a contract to 2016 with a domestic manufacturer of wire for trimmers.

Gasoline trimmers MOST garden is the new product group in MOCT-group assortment.

February 1, 2016 in Moscow had been held the Annual General Meeting of shareholders and partners of "MOCT- group" JSC

November 23, 2015 FIOLENT MANUFACTURE and MOCT-group have signed on the General agreement on Strategic partnership.

The exhibition MITEX - 2015. Have been held a general meeting of shareholders and partners of "MOCT- group" JSC